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Kids Name Labels

If you’re a parent, it doesn’t matter how much surveillance you give; children will misplace things. Sometimes it is one shoe, or their favourite toy or your set of car keys, and though these can generally be found with a little persistence, as time goes by this search can become a never ending game of hide and seek! The missing items will usually be found when your children are still at home with you during the day but as they get older and start kindly or school, parents need a way of ensuring that their child’s missing drink bottle, shoe or expensive school jumper can be returned safely.

There is a simple and effective way to ensure that your child’s belongings come back home. Before you grab a texta and start marking everything with illegible and impermanent names and addresses, you might want to consider the Kid’s name labels from Quicker Stickers. Children lead very active lives and we want to encourage that. Whether they’re visiting a relative, running around a shopping centre, playing with their friends at school or just testing out their new bike through the puddle in the park, if you’re going to label your child’s possessions, you have to do it properly. We can guarantee the quality of our Kids Name labels as they are made onsite in our Gold Coast location out of top quality adhesive vinyl and with super permanent grip glue. You can be sure that regardless of how active your child is, the Quicker Stickers Kid’s Name Labels are going to go the distance. Our name labels are dishwasher proof, water proof and even protected from those harsh UV rays. Whether it is the Gold Coast beaches or the harsh South Australian climate they have to deal with, Quicker Stickers labels are designed to last. This means no peeling, no bubbling and definitely no fading. You can label all types of clothing, including sun hats, jumpers, ties, socks, swimwear and more, as well as other personal items such as library bags, school bags, sports gears and especially shoes. School labels can also be a great way to make sure your child always brings home the right bags, lunch box, textbooks, project, stationery (right down to their favourite pens, pencils, rules), diary and all of those essential school items you want to come home. With so many of the same uniforms running around at lunch time, you can save yourself a trip to lost and found (and save your wallet a trip to the store) by investing in a simple and long-lasting name label.

Quick tip: Save yourself time and hassle by having your child’s classroom added to the label to make sure that if any item is lost it can potentially be returned directly to your child’s classroom. Quicker Stickers Gold Coast produces these custom-made labels in two colours– sky blue and hot pink.

Kid’s Name Label set pricing For just $30 you’ll receive over 100 quality vinyl labels with your child’s name (and maybe classroom number) on them. This price includes regular postage, and a booklet of 88 small name labels, 9 medium name labels and 4 large adhesive name labels. A small investment now could quickly become a complete lifesaver. What are you waiting for? Say no to scheduled trips to lost and found and say yes to helping that missing jumper find his way home again!

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